Native hedge

Native hedge

Native hedge of quickthorn, spindle, dog rose, blackthorn, beech and English oak is planted around the outside of the perimeter fence.

Wildflower bank

Wildflower bank planted with common knapweed, greater knapweed, wild carrot, field scabious, ox-eye daisy, burnet saxifrage, salad burnet, cowslip, wild mignonette and small scabious.

Resin bonded aggregate surface

The surface has contrasting circles of colour. In the centre there is a recessed parasol holder. In the summer five large parasols can go up to provide shade for patients. The circles are used for wheelchair skills practice and for children to play in.

Dry stone walling

Native hedge

Created by David Wilson from reclaimed Cotswold stone with coping stones of French sandstone which double as seating for relatives and friends. The walling represents the shape of the spine. On the wall to the right the walls represent the broken spine, with the path running through them towards the beautiful view of the distant hills signifying the hope.

Large, shaggy box balls

Large, shaggy box balls give structure to the garden in winter.

Garden Path

Native hedge

The path coursing through planting can be used for wheelchair practice and for children to explore.


Native hedge

Amelanchier, snowy mespilus or service berry tree. There are five of these throughout the garden which the birds love.

River birch trees

These multi-stemmed trees give structure to the garden and move beautifully in the wind.

Resin bonded aggregate surface

Native hedge

This gives a very smooth, totally porous surface suitable for wheelchairs and beds to be moved on easily. The large central area provides a gathering space for patients’ BBQs and music and drama events.

Horatio Chapple’s memorial stone

Horatio Chapple’s memorial stone. Carved in Chilmark stone by Robyn Golden-Hann.

Summer house

Native hedge

Summer house designed by Michael Lyons Architecture. The roof is sedum which attracts insects and can be seen from the patients’ beds in the spinal centre. The summer house gives shade and shelter for patients and also is used as a stage area for concerts and a place for meditation.

River birch tree

Large single stemmed river birch tree.

Oak gates

Oak gates created by Neil Hathaway lead to the tennis court. The gates are carved with Horatio’s Garden.

The water rill

Native hedge

The water rill gives the calming sound of water through the garden. Alongside the rill tulips, libertia and perennial geraniums grow.

Archway made of rusted steel

Native hedge

Cordons of eating apples Worchester pearmain, winter Gem, James Grieve, Rosemary Russet, Queen Cox, Katy, Scrumptious, Saturn, Laxton Superb and Discovery. White wisteria grows up the hedge side of the archway.

Cleve West Bench

Native hedge

Seat designed by Cleve West in a recessed area for a patient in a bed to enjoy the garden surrounded by planting.

Flower Bed

The bed slopes up giving privacy to the garden.

Seating area

Native hedge

Seating area with a round table and benches by Gaze Burvill, designed for patients in wheelchairs to fit comfortably around

Mature beech hedge

Mature beech hedge donated by Brewin Dolphin from Cleve West’s Chelsea winning garden 2012.

Bird boxes

Bird boxes with live webcam feed to a screen on the ward.

Gaze Burvill bench

Native hedge

Gaze Burvill bench looking down the apple arch



Hartley Botanics greenhouse, with especially adapted automated doors for wheelchair access. The greenhouse is used to grow plants, for garden therapy sessions, as a meeting place and coffee house!