The design

Cleve’s design brilliantly incorporates the form of the spine in a series of low limestone walls, which double as seating for families.

These walls draw the eye to the gentle hills beyond and curve through mixed planting towards a large gathering space.

An apple archway leads to a summerhouse and there’s the calming sound of water flowing into a long rill. Everywhere the benefits of nature can be felt.

Plants have been chosen for their aesthetic and multi-sensory qualities: grasses to catch the wind, herbs to smell and taste, and shrubs and trees for texture and winter structure. Mature beech hedging was donated from Cleve West’s winning garden after 2012 Chelsea Show. Native hedging is planted around the perimeter fence.

There are 23 trees planted in the garden, including Betula nigra and Amelanchier lamarckii, the berries of which are already attracting birds to the garden. Shaggy box balls and rosemary punctuate a looser herbaceous palette, and perennials such as echinacea, foeniculum, aster and the aptly named Aruncus ‘Horatio’ bring texture, colour and scent.

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